Palmer PAN 08 19" Active 4-Channel DI/Line Isolation Box

Item #: PAL-PAN08
Manufacturer Part #: PAN08

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The PAN08 is a multifunctional device. Each of the four channels can be used independently as an active DI box, line isolation box or booster. The combination socket input accepts unbalanced and balanced signals. The output has dual transformer balanced XLR jacks (front and rear). The signal level can be attenuated by 20 dB for microphone inputs, but can also be boosted in three stages by up to 18 dB for LINE inputs if necessary. With an output level of +12 dBu on a load of 600 Ohms with 0.05 % THD / 40 Hz and an output noise level of less than -110 dBu, the unit meets even high professional standards. One special feature that is worthy of mention is battery power. The supply voltage may range from 9 to 18 V. Thus the PAN08 can also be used without mains power outdoors.
  • 4 Channel DI / Line Isolation
  • Battery power supply voltage ranges from 9 to 18 V
  • Unbalanced and balanced signal input